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SMS+ is a Niche Marketing Firm for Apartments

Solving Marketing Challenges

We help landlords market over, through and with the Internet. We focus on the entire digital experience for the tenant — from their initial Google search to the social media review that they share after moving in. As a trusted digital resource active in numerous channels, including our blog, YouTube and Facebook, we attract tenants with reliable information and become a trusted partner to the tenants in the sales process.

We assist tenants throughout the rental process, and we are a tenant-matching service bringing the right tenants to the right landlords.

Making Sense of the Internet and Digital Mayhem

Chaos Equals Opportunity

Marketing over, through and by the Internet is a certainty. How to market over the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult for apartment communities, apartment owners and apartment managers as the mediums change constantly. Things that work today may work a thousand times better or not at all the next. Apartment complexes face a challenge of choosing between the national sites, their own websites and a myriad of other methods du jour, and they struggle because they do not have the knowledge to make the best choices. They know apartments, not the Internet. SMS+ seeks to fill that knowledge gap for apartments.

Connecting the Right Tenants with the Right Landlord

The goal of Select My Space is to acquire tenants for our customer apartments. We do this by having a relentless, maniacal, numbers-driven focus on digital distribution channels. We are effective at this because we have a local presence in the communities that we serve – a local presence that understands the tenant profiles of the apartments and then matches them with our customer apartments. This presence is necessary to understand tenant needs and how those are compatible with our apartment clients. We have an offline, physical presence to compliment, work with and draw from our online presence.

Because we are a tenant-matching service, we work to qualify leads, provide tenants with good advice and guide tenants to the right apartments. This helps our apartment clients find the right tenant for their particular complex, and this curation of tenants saves the apartments time and money.

The mission of Select My Space is to handle this quandary for apartments in a simple, fair, transparent and comprehensive fashion.

SMS + is More than Just Select My Space

Many Poles in Digital Marketing

We bring together the best and most effective elements of digital marketing. We go far beyond our own site to engage in social media strategies, microsites, video production and even social media management.

The Select My Space site is merely one tent pole in our digital marketing strategy. Yes, we provide local, relevant, useful information about Birmingham apartments through our website, blog posts and social media. We also:

  • Design PPC campaigns for apartment communities.
  • Design and optimize microsites for apartment communities.
  • Manage social media accounts for communities.
  • Promote paid social media campaigns.
  • Produce, direct and promote video campaigns.
  • Advise on and provide original content for websites and social media.

A Tenant-Centric, Goals-Oriented Marketing Philosophy

Embracing Change

We embrace the new world. We acknowledge that the Internet has disrupted almost every traditional method of marketing – television (now Hulu and Netflix), newspaper ads (now Google and Craig’s List), radio (Pandora, iTunes, Spotify) and probably, at some point, billboards. While disconcerting to some, SMS+ embraces this new landscape. We actively and aggressively strive to find new ways to bring our products and services to customers.

Change is, and will be, a constant in digital marketing for the near future. Apartment shopping habits are changing and will continue to change. Staying abreast for apartments is difficult, if not impossible. SMS+ is committed to a higher level of transparency for our apartment customers. We pledge candor in digital strategies and communications. As new sites, ideas and platforms arise, SMS+ will experiment in partnership with the community.

Apartment leases have been, are being and will continue to be increasingly researched and purchased over the Internet. Craig’s List, which in many ways is an extension of newspaper ads, is becoming less of a viable marketplace. Apartment complexes know that they need to market digitally, but they are left with a dubious cast of SEO characters, a continual transformation of the Internet du jour and expensive referral sights.

However, in embracing the new ways, we stay true to old marketing maxims. Marketing is still about getting the right message to the right people. Our business is still about overcoming the tenant’s fear of signing a lease by being a trusted source. The beauty of the digital world is that you can track your efforts better than ever before. (Google analytics is a far superior system to Neilson’s old television ratings.) Accordingly, you can identify and hit the right people more effectively.

Finally, a part of this is doing things in incremental steps as opposed to huge spends. Apartment marketing is becoming more of a numbers game than a silver bullet – we are constantly updating and evaluating our processes and strategies.


Select My Space has always been about digital marketing. Select My Space was the first in Birmingham to list apartment properties online and one of the first to fully and actively engage tenants through Craig’s List. As we pursue a multitude of digital strategies in a more focused and cohesive manner, Select My Space is, at its core, building on its digital roots. In 2015, Select My Space left the apartment broker business and became a digital marketing company, focused on finding, matching and leasing tenants for apartment communities.


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